Do Low Levels of Serotonin Cause Depression?

The customary way of thinking is that downturn is brought about by low degrees of serotonin, the synapse in your mind that is liable for memory, rest, hunger, learning, and the guideline of your sentiments including bliss and welling being. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a substance awkwardness in the cerebrum antidepressants, similar to Prozac or Zoloft, can adjust your mind science and fix the irregularity, just as, upgrade the benefits of the enormous pharmaceutical organizations. Abnormal then that logical examination can’t locate any dependable blemishes in the serotonin arrangement of the discouraged. (1) You see, regardless of whether stimulant prescriptions do expand serotonin levels in the mind and assist some with feeling good, this doesn’t imply that low degrees of serotonin cause wretchedness. Anti-inflamatory medicine can fix a cerebral pain yet that doesn’t imply that low degrees of headache medicine in the cerebrum cause your head to hurt.

The synapses that bargain in serotonin (called serotonergic neurons) have “arms” that connect with all territories of the mind. The broad associations and super pathways of serotonergic neurons contain the single biggest framework in the mind. To communicate a message the sending neuron delivers the concoction serotonin to be consumed by the getting neuron. Notwithstanding, more serotonin is delivered than is required so the overabundance is either “vacuumed” back up into the sending neuron or used by a chemical and expelled as waste. The protein utilizes serotonin into 5-Hydroxyindole acidic corrosive or 5-HIAA. Specialists can take a gander at spinal liquid for 5-HIAA and measure the degree of serotonin in the cerebrum. So on the off chance that low-levels of serotonin cause gloom, at that point all individuals experiencing discouragement will have low-levels of 5-HIAA in their spinal liquid. (2) Seems sufficiently straightforward.

In any case, there are two investigations I’d prefer to draw out into the open that appear to expose the substance irregularity hypothesis of misery. In one, analysts in Stockholm took a gander at the 5-HIAA levels in the spinal liquid of 68 discouraged patients as evaluated in nanograms per milliliter. 29% had low level tallies under 15 nanograms, which would appear to be consistent in discouraged patients, yet 47% had ordinary checks somewhere in the range of 15 and 25 nanograms, and 24% of the discouraged patients had HIGH LEVELS over 25 nanograms. Is intriguing that the benchmark group of volunteers who were NOT discouraged had nearly the equivalent precise chime bend of 5-HIAA levels. 25% of the benchmark group had low tallies under 15 nanograms, half had checks somewhere in the range of 15 and 25 nanograms, and 25% of the non-discouraged patients had elevated levels over 25 nanograms. (3)

To sum up this astonishing examination: 29% of the discouraged patients had low degrees of serotonin however so did 25% of the non-discouraged “ordinary” control bunch patients. In addition 25% of the discouraged patients had elevated levels of serotonin. With everything taken into account, the middle degree of 5-HIAA in the spinal liquid of the non-discouraged “typical” bunch was 20 nanograms however the examination indicated that 37 of the 68 discouraged patients, the greater part, had levels ABOVE that “ordinary, non-discouraged” normal. Kinda punctures the low-serotonin causes wretchedness hypothesis. Gracious, and this investigation was done in 1974, 14 years before Prozac, the first in a line of antidepressants that flood your mind with serotonin to “fix” gloom.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in 1984, four years before Prozac, directed the other examination I needed to make reference to. They were researching the adequacy paces of a proposed energizer sedate named Amitriptyline that, similar to Prozac, kept neurons from vacuuming back up the abundance serotonin, in this way flooding the mind with additional serotonin. They likewise took a gander at discouraged patients 5-HIAA levels and, shock, shock, found a wide assortment, from low to high. The NIMH researchers presumed that, “Heights or decrements in the working of serotonergic frameworks in essence are not liable to be related with discouragement.” (4) To state that in plain talk, there is no proof that there is anything amiss with the serotonin cerebrum arrangement of discouraged patients. There is by all accounts an immense disengage between those pretty upper plugs and the genuine logical exploration. (5)

Low Serotonin Level Problem 1-If low levels serotonin was a significant part in causing gloom, at that point expanding serotonin ought to reduce despondency immediately. Antidepressants raise serotonin levels inside hours yet it can take a long time for a discouraged individual to give indications of progress. Likewise, following a couple of months, a few people backslide into sadness, even while still on antidepressants.

Low Serotonin Level Problem 2-If low degrees of serotonin cause gloom, at that point all individuals with low degrees of serotonin ought to be discouraged, yet this isn’t the situation. Additionally, there are individuals who experience the ill effects of discouragement who have ordinary degrees of serotonin in their mind and discouraged individuals with significant levels of serotonin.

Low Serotonin Level Problem 3-There are drugs that don’t chip away at the serotonin framework in the cerebrum yet likewise seem to mitigate the manifestations of melancholy. Welbutrin is a well known stimulant however deals with the synapses dopamine and norepinephrine.

Studies show that serotonin appears to by one way or another assume a job in despondency however the inquiry remains, do the lower levels of serotonin cause wretchedness, or does a specific individual’s downturn make those lower levels of serotonin?

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